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This is going to be an online portal page that links together all the websites which are based around the town on Kidsgrove in North Staffordshire. Kidsgrove is a small Staffordshire Town, based in the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire. The town of Kidsgrove is estimated to have a population size of 24,000 and is ever increasing in size.

Kidsgrove comprises of smaller villages which makes up the overall town; Whitehill, Newchapel, Talke, Mow Cop, Butt Lane, Talke Pits, Harriseahead all make up the town that we know as Kidsgrove. These smaller villages each has their own unique identities which blends in to make a fairly diverse but highly active Kidsgrove Community.

Kidsgrove has a vast array of websites that are based around the town, below you can find a list of local websites for Kidsgrove which we think would be worthy of a visit.

Kidsgrove Local Websites



This website has been around for a while covering Kidsgrove. It has more and more become based around the work of the Labour Party and Margaret Astle. The Kidsgorve wesbite contains competitions and memories of what Kidsgorve used to look like.


This website spent many years int he shadow of its bigger Kidsgrove brother. However in recent years this website is now the leading place for Kidsgorve news, views and an interactive forum for the residents of Kidsgrove to ask questions and share their views. Whitehill Online has remained politically independent and has been able to attract a range of councilors to contribute to the site, including Mary Maxfield, Sandra Bower, Tina Morrey, Glyn Rafferty all making a wide and interactive local community.


This website is very much focused on the Kidsgrove area of Mow Cop. It contains information on the local events which are taking place in Mow Cop. This is a nice stopping place when you are looking around for local website for Kidsgrove.


This is a very local website for the Kidsgorve area of Butt Lane. This is a very small local site which provides information about the Kidsgrove area of Butt Lane, however does not contain local news and interactive forum like some of the other sites for Kidsgrove.


This website is very local to the areas of Kidsgrove known as Harriseahead and Newchapel. These parts of Kidsgrove are found on the far edge of North Staffordshire. This local website contains a basic overview of the area with some history and photographs included.